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"au fait Fincare Client Endorsements"

"Being  into medical profession for the last  23 years, I had always worried about proper management of my hard earned money. One day in seminar I met au fait Fincare Team, Getting to know them personally after that made me realized that they have solution for all my financial insecurities. Then onwards I truly understand the difference between a consultant and a professional Financial Manager".

Dr. Shekhar Kumar
(Medical Neurologist), Patna Bihar

"Keeping a long-term, big-picture eye on any client’s entire portfolio ensures the client never have to face any concern related to their investments, also generates a credibility towards the organization and its members. Here au fait Team ,are managing my own portfolio  and they are truly able to manage that ,I am enjoying their work as they do with full of passion and energy".

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Sinha
(General Physician owns Private Clinic) Bihar Sharif

"I very much appreciate what au fait team have done for me over the past five years. Their advice and help really impressed me and my family ,as have their professionalism in dealing with our other financial affairs and the way they regularly keep in touch".



Ms. Megha Kaushik
Assistant General Manager, State Bank of India

"In my profession I have to travel more than half a year which creates distance from my family, after a point of time I sense lack of security about my family’s financial matter and future, then I felt a need of a fellow who can take care of my investments  personally and to whom I can rely for all my financial matter . Like me, many clients don't know where or how to start.  Through the years, au fait  has developed a deep network of trusted experts in a variety of fields".

Mr. Abhishek Dayal
Sailor, Merchant Navy, Patna

"It is really refreshing to work with au fait ,who is truly interested in their client’s needs, circumstances and preferences. What really impressed me was the way, their team took the time to get a feeling for where I was at, their depth of knowledge, lateral thinking and  common sense approach is really impressive".


Mr. Sanketa Anand
Master Mariner, UK

"By working closely and getting to know personally my financial goals and intentions, the au fait team helped create the strategies and vehicles necessary to fulfill the my wishes — and ensure future giving  and philanthropies alike".



Dr. Sanjay Kumar (MBBS), Deoghar
(General Physician owns Private Clinic, which has ICU and Dialysis Setup

"Careful analysis and planning play an important role in Estate planning and its management . A plus is when a financial advisor is also able to provide guidance on additional issues, and continue to guide throughout life time".



Dr. B. B Bharti
Cardiologist, Ford Hospital, Patna

"Being myself a chartered accountant and into this profession for the last 10 years I am very much able to distinguish between an agent or a broker and a professional financial planner .

In today’s Real estate market everyone is busy in selling and earning commission, here au fait Team sensibly handling all pros cons of this market, bears clients pain proving themselves  a real gem in Financial advisory".

CA Dheeraj Kumar, Practising Chartered Accountant

"I speak from my own point of view; I came in touch with au fait team through a friend who was their old customer, here explore I  so many options that apart from buying a house for myself, I also had some investment options and because I was guided by the right bunch of people I can see the returns coming".


Mr. Amresh Prasad
Regional Manager, Mahindra Gujarat Tractors

"au fait had been a long term Investment Advisor for me & his services have been very good. I have grown to trust him a lot over the years. They makes the client comfortable".



Dr. Arun Kumar Sinha
Ms. Orthopedic  Ford Hospital, Patna

"au fait team really knows what they are talking about in the financial world. They really looks out for his clients".



Dr. Pravin Santhalia
General Physician, Saheban, Govt. of Jharkhand

"Highly professional, knowledgeable and responsive. Always looking out for my best interests.”



Mr. Arpan
Regional Head Operations, Bajaj Allianz Insurance Ltd., Patna

"au fait team’s great skills are that they put you at ease and keep everything simple.

au fait team members are passionate about planning for the future and genuinely want to provide a world class service".


Mr. Saroj Kumar
Senior Manager, Indian Railways (IES)

"au fait is a detail-oriented professional who will watch your back while you are swimming in unknown waters of a financial world. We have had investment on  various projects catered by them and I would recommend him without hesitation".



Dr. Ravi Ranjan
Director, Awadh Medicare Bikramganj

"It was such a pleasure working with au fait Fincare who seemed to have all the answers of our real estate questions, I would highly recommend his support team who made it all so easy and painless".



Dr. Gaurav Kumar
General Surgeon, Deoghar

When it comes to investments and money related matter , everyone want a trustworthy fellow who genuinely aware of all the  know -hows about money . An advisor who can guide investments, provide due diligence and be a sounding board for all types of risks related to it that’s what au fait is……


CA Manish Ranjan

(Finance Head, Safal Group, Ethiopia)